SINGAPORE – July 2017 – Anacle Systems Limited (“Anacle”) unveiled the Tesseract at its Sandcrawler office today. The product launch saw the gathering of over 90 industry leaders from the commercial real estate and energy sectors.

The Tesseract is Anacle’s innovation in its smart energy management solution offerings, a breakthrough smart meter which obviates the need for complicated setup of devices such as sustainability sensors and network communicators in typical energy management solutions. Complemented with the Starlight® energy management software, the Tesseract goes beyond measuring and analysing utility consumption, it offers proactive controls such as demand response control and load management, allowing users to manage their energy consumption efficiently.

“The Tesseract will radically change what a meter should do. Why shouldn’t a smart meter be truly smart? A smart meter shouldn’t just measure, it should process data and use that information to help us manage efficiently.” said Alex Lau, Anacle’s Chief Executive Officer. “Imagine a meter that can warn you of potential equipment malfunction. Or turn off non-critical equipment so you can manage your utility bills. This is what Tesseract is about and more.”

Combining advanced technology with design driven by user experience, the Tesseract is a result of years of hardware and software innovation:

    • First industrial sensor to have incredible computing power and 10GB in-device storage encryption capabilities and processing power, vastly surpassing the industry average.
    • First EMC-safe capacitive touchscreen for unparalleled user experience and interface flexibility.
    • Future proof with its compatibility to an extensive spectrum of communication networks.
    • First device to adopt an app eco-system architecture, the capabilities of Tesseract can be expanded with the installation of on-demand management apps.

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About Anacle Systems Limited

Anacle is a leading provider of commercial property management software and building energy management system in Singapore. Anacle is accredited by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) under the Accreditation programme which provides an independent and rigorous third-party evaluation of the company’s core capabilities such as product functionality, financial management, and operations. The accreditation affirms the quality, business sustainability and scalability of Anacle’s products.