How did we celebrate Earth Day? / Earth Day 2022 and beyond

Over the past weeks, we launched an Earth Day campaign, 10 days prior to Earth Day.

Here’s an overview of the graphics published on our social media platforms.

Our objective of the Earth-Day campaign was not only to create awareness of Earth-Day we also wanted to highlight how to reduce energy consumption and carbon emission from our existing facilities using the Simplicity® solution.  We even changed our social media banners to commemorate Earth Day

In the next few weeks, we will be deep-diving into the environmental challenges that affect us globally. With the promises for COP26, the implementation of our carbon tax, and BCA’s smart building scoring systems, all building owners with already diminishing returns due to the impact of the pandemic, will be under much more pressure to go green sooner rather than later. We will be exploring innovative solutions that will help us to lower our building’s energy consumption, carbon footprint, and how to fully utilize the integrated grid and demand flexibility from our existing real estate portfolio.