Anacle Tenancy Management System for Sentosa

We are elated to embark on a project to implement an integrated and streamlined Tenancy Management System for Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC). The Tenancy Management System will be developed based on Simplicity’s best-in-Class Commercial Real Estate Management Solution. From execution to delivery, this project will be completed in just nine months within a single phase.

Paradise on earth

SDC oversees the development, management, marketing and promotion of the Sentosa island. A top leisure and lifestyle destination for people of all ages to enjoy, Sentosa is a vibrant island resort that houses exciting themed attractions, world-renowned restaurants, resort accommodation and clean and pristine beaches.

What Anacle will be implementing

The three key solutions part of the Tenancy Management System include:

Augmented Reality Anacle

With the implementation of the Tenancy Management System, Sentosa is able to:

  1. Better manage the properties under its portfolio
  2. Create a stronger bond with tenants, lessees and licensees
  3. Digitize leasing process, improve productivity
  4. Better control and manage rental
  5. Discover untapped spaces to utilize
  6. Monitor and manage utilities

Looking to the horizon

In keeping with the demands of the numerous visitors on Sentosa each day, the island deserves a sophisticated tenancy management system to manage their tenants, partners and spaces. With Simplicity being one of the most widely deployed Commercial Real Estate Management Solutions in the region, SDC will certainly have the advantage of a holistic and well-engineered system.