Singapore, 16 January 2018Anacle Systems Limited (“Anacle”) has been selected by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to automate and enable the remote monitoring of critical utilities for properties under its management including various offshore islands and the former Bukit Timah Turf Club (BTTC).

SLA took over the management and maintenance of 10 offshore islands from Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) on 1 March 2017. This includes popular destinations such as St John’s Island and Pulau Hantu Island. With the direct management of these islands and growing visitors to the islands, it has become vital for SLA to improve on the current labour intensive and time-consuming process to ensure sufficient water and other critical supplies on these islands. This involves sending teams to various islands by boat for them to manually read the meters and levels for water and diesel tanks.

The deployment of Anacle’s Starlight system will put in place an analytics system with proactive alerts and intelligent dashboards, powered by an integrated network of sensors for remote utilities monitoring. The project will make use of digital meters, sensors, mobile network and solar power systems to enable remote monitoring of water tanks, diesel tanks, electricity and water consumption, reducing the reliance on manpower.

Funded by the Singapore Government and SLA, this project aims to improve SLA’s productivity and efficiency in the management of offshore islands and the former BTTC, especially in view of the large volume of State Lands directly managed by SLA. SLA has leveraged the “green lane” procurement process under the Accreditation@SGD programme. Through this programme, government agencies can directly purchase innovative solutions from 17 accredited companies. Anacle is accredited under the Accreditation@SGD programme for its innovative and practical energy management solutions.

Through this project, Anacle will enable SLA to extend our innovative technology to improve productivity, re-purpose their manpower and talents for more strategic work and ensure a better experience for visitors.

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About Anacle Systems Limited

Anacle is a leading provider of commercial property management software and building energy management system in Singapore. Anacle is accredited by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) under the Accreditation programme which provides an independent and rigorous third party evaluation of the company’s core capabilities such as product functionality, financial management and operations. The accreditation affirms the quality, business sustainability and scalability of Anacle’s products.